What’s Next in Plumbing Technology?

Touchless Sink Faucet

In today’s day and age, technology has a significant influence in almost everything we do. For homeowners, it’s transforming the way homes look and operate — plumbing and all. Increased plumbing technology is creating an opportunity for more efficient, greener and more convenient home improvements across the board. If you want to stay on the cutting edge of plumbing tech, here are some of the advancements to look forward to in 2017.

Green Plumbing

It’s a big picture strategy to make your household plumbing more efficient. The good news is that going green in plumbing involves no more long term expense than sticking with the old-school conventional approach. You don’t have to revamp your whole house in a single now-or-never project, either. Improvements can be made one-at-a-time as budget permits. Savings from reduced energy consumption and lower water bills, as well as increased service life of fixtures, make green plumbing a win-win for both the environment and your household.

Healthier Living

Properly designed and maintained household plumbing has always been an enhancement to sanitation and health. New developments in plumbing technology will raise that bar even further. Innovations such as touchless fixtures to prevent germ transmission and targeted whole-house filtration to remove specific pollutants identified in the local water supply are being incorporated in new houses and retrofitted into existing ones. As the population ages, an array of new sensor-operated plumbing technology will help keep seniors both independent and healthy while going about daily business.

Environmental Matters

Reducing the direct impact on the environment means more effective water conservation as well as management of sewage. Advances in plumbing are on the front line. Low-flow fixtures, leak monitoring technology and innovations that recycle gray water for non-potable uses all cut down on the environmental consequences per household.

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