Trick-or-Treating Tips for San Diegans

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We love being apart of the San Diego community, and we especially love sharing with the community. Our team here at North County Plumbing wants everyone to have a safe and memorable holiday — so here are our tips for a successful Halloween in San Diego!

Safety Tips

  • It’s a great idea to plan your trick-or-treating route before you leave and show your kids where you’ll be going.
  • Avoid houses that aren’t well lit or clearly visible from the road.
  • Make sure all children know that there are no circumstances to enter a person’s home.
  • Have a designated “car watcher” to ensure large groups are safe from traffic as they cross any roads.
    • We also encourage drivers to slow down and be more cautious as you navigate the roads.

Costume Tips

  • It’s best to avoid oversized costumes that drag on the ground or require high heeled shoes.
  • Add reflective strips to your costumes and accessories.
  • Make sure masks don’t cover the eyes or restrict your vision. This will reduce the risk of an accident or mishap.
  • Include a glow stick or flashlight for better visibility.
  • Be sure to use extra caution when walking near lit candles or luminaries.

Candy Tips

  • We’re sure you’ve been told to inspect the candy before eating – it’s for a reason! Look at every piece of candy, and consider tossing anything homemade or in an open package.
    • We encourage parents to bring some candy from home to give to the kids while their candy is being inspected.
  • Limit the amount of candy eaten in one setting
  • Avoid choking hazards — such as those due to small toys or hard to chew items.


We hope these tips help ensure we can all make the best of Halloween. Like so many other San Diegans, we can’t wait to start the holiday!

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