Top 3 Plumbing Projects For a Home Remodel

Home improvements and remodels are an exciting time for homeowners, whether they’re looking to sell or sticking around for the long term. Remodeling presents the opportunity to improve functionality and sustainability, update old fixtures and appliances, spice up the look and overall comfort of living spaces, as well as reduce energy costs. Plumbing renovations go hand-in-hand with these benefits and make up an important part of any home remodel. Take a look at three of the top plumbing projects often considered during a home remodel:

Kitchen Remodel


Kitchens have always served as a hub of the house for an entire family, which is why it’s often the first space to be remodeled. Designing a multi-purpose kitchen with updated style, energy-efficient features, and state-of-the-art appliances requires proper planning and a professional plumber to install new pipes and fixtures. As, typically, the most expensive home renovation for homeowners, changes are often made with long-term expenses in mind.

Bathroom Remodel


Current bathroom trends emphasize relaxation and rejuvenation found in luxurious spas. Designs include stylish, free-standing vanities with beautiful stone and glass vessel sinks along with touch-controlled faucets. Toilets are available with self-flushing sensors and energy-efficient features that promote water conservation. If you prefer a nice hot bath, you’ll find soaking tubs that are equipped with heat controls and water jets for a relaxing experience. Rain-style showerheads have become a popular addition, as well as rain bars.

New Appliances


New appliances account for a large portion of kitchen remodel costs, so it’s important to choose appliances that suit your lifestyle needs. When buying new appliances, look for convenience to make kitchen tasks easier and energy-efficient features to reduce home energy costs. Today’s state-of-the-art appliances offer many benefits. Stoves, ovens, microwaves, small appliances, and washers and dryers can now be programmed and controlled from your computer, tablet or smartphone from any remote location. With new innovative technology, just imagine the endless possibilities throughout your home.

If you’re considering taking on a new project for your home, whether it’s a kitchen remodel, a bathroom remodel, installation of new appliances or something else, hiring a professional plumber will ensure proper installation and an overall smoother renovation process.

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