The Best Questions to Ask Your Plumber

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“Why are toilets nicknamed ‘the John?’” There’s a question you might throw at a prospective plumber — but not one that truly matters or that every plumber knows the answer to.  (We’ll explain this later).

There are far more important inquiries you’ll want to make before that. Keep in mind, the plumber you hire will be coming into the privacy of your home to repair or install vital components. You’ll want to know how reputable he or she is and how qualified in order to get the job done right the first time. Shoddy, incompetent plumbing can mean more than a drippy faucet — expensive water damage, toxic sewage contamination, and excessively high water bills are just some of the possible outcomes due to not asking the right questions right off the bat. Here are some answers to get before hiring a plumber:

  • Do you have references? You’ll want honest people to call and ask about their experience with this plumber — not online comments that can be posted by anyone. Talk first-hand to a few references and find out their level of satisfaction with the plumbing work. Something to consider: while it was done well initially, did any issues occur in the aftermath?
  • Do you have certifications? Professional plumbers have climbed an established ladder of training and expertise and have the license and certifications issued by local or state agencies to prove it. Most jack-of-all-trades handymen don’t. Know the difference and make sure you’re getting a certified pro.
  • Can you handle this particular job? A plumber who primarily deals with indoor plumbing fixtures might not be the best candidate to tackle a sewer pipe problem that’s buried deep under the front yard. Describe your exact needs and make sure the plumber is well-versed in that specific area.
  • Are you adequately insured for this kind of work? This is another question to separate the freelance amateur from the experienced, full-time pro. A professional plumber complies with local regulations that require him to invest in liability and other forms of insurance and is happy to show proof that his policies are up to date.
  • Why are toilets nicknamed “the john?” Queen Elizabeth (I) had the first flushing toilet in England installed in 1596. Credit for its invention was claimed by her godson, John Harrington (even though some versions of the flushable toilet dates back as far as ancient Rome). Thus, the name “john” became forever associated with the toilet.

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