Plumbing Issues and Protection During Rainy Months

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While homeowners in Southern California don’t have to worry too much about dealing with frozen pipes, winters here can still cause plenty of plumbing headaches. Higher amounts of rain can lead to issues with pipes, drains and sewers. Here are some of the problems to watch for this winter:

Broken Pipes

The pipes in your plumbing system are more vulnerable to breakage after heavy amounts of rain, especially when these storms happen after droughts. Larger amounts of rain can cause the ground to shift, which increases the amount of pressure on pipes. If you have older pipes, keep in mind that they’re more likely to break due to corrosion. How do you know if you have a busted pipe? You’ll typically see discolored water or debris coming out of your faucet.

Pipe Blockages

Heavy rainfall can cause a considerable amount of debris to clog up storm drains outside your home. Your downpipes can also become clogged with debris. When this happens, blockages in plumbing pipes can occur. These blockages can lead to leaks inside your home, which raises the risk of water damage. If you suspect that you have a pipe blockage, it’s important to have a plumbing expert check it out.


When drain systems fill up with rain water, backdrafting can occur inside your home. This happens when gasses from the drain system are drawn into your home due to negative air pressure. These gasses usually cause unpleasant odors in your home, and some can be dangerous. You can lower the risk of having negative air pressure in your home by clearing debris from ventilation systems and exhaust systems. you should also consider checking to see if these systems have been installed properly.


Flooding inside your home can occur when one or more pipes break or when the sewer is backed up due to heavy rains. When water fills your home, it can cause mold growth and other types of water damage. It’s crucial to have a plumbing professional come to your home to make any needed repairs if flooding occurs.

Septic System Problems

Higher amounts of rain than usual can cause problems for septic systems. If the ground becomes oversaturated, water can’t flow out of your system. This causes the water to head back through the pipes and into drains inside your home. Prevent this from happening by making sure your septic system is in good condition.

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