Kitchen Plumbing: From Repairs to Remodeling

Kitchen plumbing – whether remodeling or needing to make some repairs, there are some plumbing basics you should be aware of in this culinary-hub of your home.


If you’re planning to remodel or even build your dream kitchen, make a check-list of the items you’re looking to replace or install. From a decorative standpoint you can start to build a “Kitchen (Re)decorating” board on Pinterest and pin photos of items that suit your fancy, from pull-out kitchen faucets, to farm-style apron kitchen sinks, higher efficiency garbage disposal, to high-capacity dishwashers, refrigerators with ice makers, and whether or not you want to incorporate a kitchen island. Another really great resource to utilize for home projects is — you can create idea books and break them up categorically, in this case create a “Kitchen” category; then build a really specific search (based on your preferred criteria) of photos that display certain ideas you’d like to consider.

If you’re looking to replace or repair a certain item in your kitchen, it’s a good idea to do your research to determine the criteria of your specific needs, or call your local plumber to obtain their expert advice.

In either case, here are some items that might pop-up on your list of plumbing specific features for your kitchen.

Kitchen Sink
Kitchen sinks come in a variety of styles, materials and sizes. Depending on your decorative and kitchen/culinary style, choose a sink that fits appropriately within the space that is easy to clean and meets your overall washing needs. While installing a sink can be a DIY project, it’s best to call on an expert plumber or kitchen remodeler to install the kitchen sink — as they can often be heavy and require more than one person to complete the task properly.

Garbage Disposal
If you’re installing a new sink you may want to think about replacing the garbage disposal as well. Or perhaps your disposal has stopped performing or copped out completely and its simply time for a new one. The garbage disposer is an eco-friendly kitchen appliance as it grinds up small amounts of food waste keeping it out of landfills, which are a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions.  Talk to your local appliance retailer about available options, or ask a plumber for a recommendation on an efficient model that will last.

Dishwashers often require an expert for installation to prevent plumbing issues such as flooding. The process usually entails a specific set of rules for proper installation – so word of advice, call on a plumber and or leave it to the kitchen remodeling expert. As with all kitchen appliances, there is a variety to choose from. From the standard under the counter large capacity dishwashers, to the extravagant pull-out drawer type dishwashers, to the smaller efficient counter top models. It really depends on your space. Some are quieter than others, so if your family room is close to the kitchen for instance, you may opt for a model that offers built-in noise isolation.

Ice Maker
New refrigerator models offer some nice benefits such as more room, and even computerized water dispensers that can dispel exact water measurements for you – the possibilities are abundant.  If you’re planning to purchase a new refrigerator that has an ice maker, this may also require an expert for installation. Have the conversation with your local appliance expert to determine what it entails and what they recommend to make sure it’s done right from the get-go.

Kitchen Island
They’re all the rage on home improvement networks and food channels – the spacious kitchen island. While some islands are simply a counter-top for space, most have a secondary sink installed as well as an electrical component to plug-in certain counter top appliances such as food processors, blenders and stand-mixers. This requires a professional as the plumbing and electrical will need to be carefully routed through the ground as opposed to utilizing what already exists with the walls of your home. If you’re building your home from the ground up, there’s really no hassle since it’ll no doubt be a part of the construction plans. However if you’re remodeling this desirable addition can be tricky and may require special permitting from the city. If this is a must on your list, make sure to call a professional, especially where the plumbing and electrical is concerned to prevent potentially costly repercussions if it’s done improperly.

Keep in mind that kitchens offer a lot where home value is concerned, so make your appliance choices wisely to maintain or increase the financial worth of your home.

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