Innovative Toilets…We Kinda Love!

Modern toilet designs have become more stylish and eco friendly than ever before. They can deliver a powerful flush while improving functionality, sustainability and cleanliness of your home bathroom. A modern toilet can offer space saving options for smaller bathrooms and be used as a focal point to show off  larger luxurious bathrooms.

Here in Southern California the toilet has pushed past simple necessity and has become an integral element of a modern, sustainable home. We kinda love these innovative toilets,  especially these 3 – they stand out above the rest!

The Space Saver

Modern toilet design space saver

Image courtesy of Home Tone

Just as the name says, these toilets are built with the intention of maximizing small spaces. Collapsible bowls, and rotating toilets are just a few of the innovative ideas sweeping through modern bathroom design. Be careful not to confuse a space saving toilet for a mobile space toilet!

The Eco Friendly

Waterless toilet by EcoJohn

Image courtesy of EcoJohn

The very catalyst for the toilet was global sanitation. The EcoJohn is an environmentally friendly toilet that could potentially change the world with its technology. The system is waterless, incinerating the waste in a self contained tank – all you have to do is empty the ash.

The Life Saver

Smart Toilet for health

Scientists are even tinkering with toilets that can turn into medical labs. Detecting blood sugar, measuring blood pressure and taking weight are tasks your toilet can perform, an especially practical and logical design element for elderly, or chronically ill individuals.

If you’re thinking of remodeling your bathroom or updating some fixtures, these innovative toilets might serve as some inspiration to incorporate into your next project. While they may seem a little outlandish at first glance, think about the benefits they might offer you and your family from an ecological, or even health benefit standpoint.

We’re a plumbing company, so why wouldn’t we shed a little light on some innovative toilet options for your home. Just sayin…we love it!

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