[Infographic] Discover All That a Plumber Can Do For You

The professional plumber: that’s the helpful person who fixes the leaky faucet that’s driving you crazy in the kitchen and shows up 24/7 if an overflowing toilet floods the bathroom.  Yes, but … plumbers also offer a wide range of services that go far beyond daily drips and after-hour traumas. The plumber’s the go-to person to install new household fixtures and appliances that connect to your plumbing and also maintain and repair all things plumbing-related, anywhere in the house. Here’s a room-by-room breakdown of professional plumbing services:

In The Kitchen

Getting a new ‘frig with icemaker? A plumber will connect the water lines to your household plumbing for leak-free operation. He can  hook up a dishwasher, too, and install water-saving faucets to lower your monthly bill. When it’s finally time to replace that cranky sink disposal, a plumber’s just a phone call away for that—or to clear a clogged kitchen drain or deal with issues like dripping faucets and stuck shutoff valves.

In The Bathroom

Does your toilet belong in a museum of vintage plumbing fixtures? Your plumber can install a new water-saving model that saves money with every flush and conserves resources. Ditto for that 1980s showerhead that wastes multi-gallons per minute.  New sink, new faucets, new bathtub? No problem. A plumber installs them on a daily basis. And when things go amiss like a run-on toilet or a hair-clogged sink drain, you know who’s there for you.

In The Yard

Sprinkler lines, pool plumbing and faucets are all part of a plumber’s outdoor agenda. Buried beneath your lawn, the sewer pipe is a critical plumbing component that ought to get periodic inspection with a video camera. Your plumber has the equipment and expertise to do the job and, when needed, perform services like water jetting to remove tree roots that cause sewer backups.

Outside The Box

Many people aren’t aware that plumbers also handle any projects and repairs involving the natural gas piping in and around the home. Sump pump installation, tankless and standard storage water heater replacement and even backup emergency power systems are also among the diverse services your plumber offers. Want to know more about what a plumber can do for you? Call us today and we’ll be happy to explain.

[Infographic] What a Plumber Can Do for You

Image source: B. Bohmann Plumbing

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