The History of the Plumbing Profession

Mario_the_Plumber_EgyptianBelieve it or not the plumbing profession has quite a history. The father of modern physics, Albert Einstein, actually aspired to be a plumber, and we’re all familiar with those two famous plumbing brothers who work so hard to save their princess, Mario and Luigi. The term plumber, has a Latin origin – some of the earliest plumbing systems were made of lead, and the latin term for lead is Plumbum – hence the term Plumber. The use of lead for potable water drastically declined after World War II due to increased awareness of the dangers of lead poisoning.  At this time, copper piping was introduced the safer alternative to lead pipes.

For over 2,000 years plumbers and the like have worked to improve hygiene and sanitation. In the modern world the key role of a plumber is to conserve the precious resource that is of course, water. With water being at the primary core a majority of the appliances they service this is a pretty big job. Plumbers work to ensure proper installation and care of all water related appliances and piping systems which turn equates to substantial water conservation the world over.

A Little History
The expertise of this profession dates back to ancient Egypt, China and Greece. History also shows that the Greeks made the discovery and use of separate underground water and sewage systems. And perhaps one of the most notable plumbing devices, the toilet, is known to have originated in China and made use of running water with stone armrests. Egyptians were some of the first to a utilize a copper plumbing system some 3000 years ago. Transcending through the ages, copper is still the number one choice of plumbers in todays modern world.

Working to Conserve a Precious Resource
Fresh water is a necessity in our world, yet only approximately two percent of the planets water is fresh and less than half is considered usable. The amount of water used, consumed and wasted by humans equates to millions if not billions. A great deal of our fresh water is wasted due to leaky pipes, and simply just waiting for the water to heat up for showering and dishwashing. Plumbers are the key to fresh water loss prevention with their knowledge of proper piping installation and the servicing of water related appliances. They can detect expensive water leaks, and make recommendations for instantaneous water heaters, and low flow water pressure appliances such as shower heads and toilets. All of which can help with much needed water conservation.

The plumbing industry is a fundamental and essential part of every developed society due to the need for clean water, sanitary collection, and waste transportation.

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