Heating Your Home Efficiently During Winter in San Diego

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Heating your home in San Diego during winter is pretty straight forward. There really isn’t too much to worry about being that we see more sunny days than not in SoCal. That’s not to say that we don’t feel the chill in the air when the winter months hit — we definitely do, especially at night. At this time of year, we’ll be adjusting the thermostat to accommodate the chilly evenings, which will equate to increased energy usage. With a few maintenance tasks, you can create a cozy place to spend your winter. Here are some of the most useful tips for heating your home efficiently:

Furnace Checkup

At least once a year, have your furnace checked by a specialist. Make sure any worn parts are placed, all ducts and hoses are clear and the motor is running easily. By catching any small issues now, you can prevent larger problems down the road.

Vent Cleaning

Replace all filters in your vents and make sure they are completely clear of any dust and other debris. Give the warm air a clear path to your rooms.

Space Heaters

Rather than heat your entire house when you are spending the majority of the time in one area, try using a space heater. This not only allows you to be warm wherever you are spending time but also saves money by allowing you to keep the heat lower in unused rooms.

Seal Any Leaks

Take a tour of your home and make sure any places where cold air can enter are tightly sealed. Places to pay particular attention to are windows, door, light sockets and any place where cables of any kind enter your home. If you have a fireplace, make sure it is in good condition and, if you aren’t using it, closed off so cool air can’t leak in through it.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans aren’t just for cooling rooms in the summer. They can be used to help circulate the warm air, making it travel to areas of the room vents aren’t able to heat easily.

Programmable Thermostats

With a programmable thermostat, you can heat certain rooms while leaving others at a cooler temperature. You can also program them to keep your home cooler when nobody is home, but warm your home in time for everybody’s return.

Final Words

It takes only a few minutes to see that your home will be a warm refuge during the cooler winter months. You can stay warm and save money by taking time before you need your furnace to make sure everything is in peak working condition.

If you live in North San Diego and need heating service or installment, give us a call. We’re plumbing experts, yes, but we also specialize in heating and air conditioning installation and maintenance.

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