Faucets: The Next Thing in Smart Technology

digital faucet

Let’s face it. Once the toilet got “smart,” it was only a matter of time before faucets developed a mind of their own too. The march of progress has now arrived at the low-tech faucet to make it more convenient, efficient and safe. The basic functionality of most faucets hasn’t changed much in a century or so and has long been a source of water waste, increased water heating and simply clunky operation. A smart faucet can automate certain functions including touchless on/off and temperature control to better fit your normal usage. Since the faucet does the thinking, you don’t have to.

Here are some of the features of smart faucet technology:

Auto On And Off.

Think, airport restroom faucets. Similar to those, domestic smart faucets sense the presence of your hands in the sink, automatically turn on the water flow and quickly shut it off after your hands are removed. Additionally, you can preset the water temperature to a desired safe setting as well. Hands-free auto on and off operation reduces water waste and water heating expense. Kids can now wash their hands on their own without the risk of scalding—or leaving the water running. By also eliminating hand contact with faucet valves, cross-contamination of bacteria is reduced.

Digital Temperature Control

How hot is hot enough, and when is water too cold? Other than sticking your hand under a running flow of water—which is wasted as it swirls down the drain—you can’t really tell the water temp nor judge when it’s right. Some smart faucets incorporate a digital temperature display while still others also offer a waterproof keyboard that allows you to input the precise desired temperature. The faucet makes the temperature adjustment for you without fiddling with valves and running water down the drain.

Smart faucets can usually be retrofitted into existing kitchens and bathrooms. However, a qualified plumber may be required to do the job. Most smart faucets utilize single hole sink mounting. Therefore, a common existing three-hole sink may not be compatible and may require replacement. There’s no requirement for smart pipes or a smart drain trap—yet.

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