10 Facts You May Not Know About Vista

10 Facts About Vista

At North County Plumbing, we are extremely proud of all the different cities we serve throughout North County San Diego. Vista is one of the many, and we thought we would take a moment to highlight some interesting facts about the city in a brief community spotlight. Whether you’re new to the area or a longtime resident, you may just learn something new!

  1. The Vista area originally inhabited the Luiseño Indians. This changed once the San Luis Rey Mission was founded in 1798.
  2. The city of Vista was officially incorporated in January of 1963.
  3. Vista is known to have a mild Mediterranean climate, which to most is just near perfect!
  4. Vista is a third of the area known as the “tri-city” — Carlsbad & Oceanside are the other two cities that complete the North County trifecta.
  5. The city boasts six times the national average of parks simply because of the abundance of land.
  6. The business park located in Vista is home to over 800 companies.
  7. The city flower is the California Lilac.
  8. Vista was once the unofficial Strawberry Capital of the World and is still home to many strawberry fields. People would even call strawberries “Vistas” because of labeled crates they were delivered in.
  9. Believe it or not, by 1948, the city was also more officially known as Avocado Capital of the World.
  10. Since 2010, Vista has become a hot spot for the craft beer industry with now over 15 breweries located throughout the city.

*Facts Courtesy of  City of Vista, CityTownInfo.com, Kennedy & Associates, Inside Out*

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