Eco Friendly Plumbing Tips for Your Home


Going green is always a good thing and in case you weren’t aware, there are a variety of ways you can reduce the energy use in your home where your plumbing is concerned. Below are some simple ways you can go eco “plumbing” friendly to not only help save you money, but to save the planet too!

Insulate Your Pipes
Insulating the pipes in your home helps reduce heat loss. As water travels from your heater to the faucet, pipe insulating can cut the “standby” energy loss at the source, your hot water heater. This can equate to a nice savings on your utility bill.

Energy-Efficient Appliances…yes please!
Energy-efficient dishwashers and laundry machines can reduce water consumption with usage at the source by as much as 50 percent.

Install a Leak Monitoring Device
Leaky pipes, faucets and toilets can account for literally thousands of gallons of wasted water every month, not to mention end up costing you more money on your water bill!

Consider Faucet Flow Reducers
Flow reducers can reduce faucet flow up to 40 percent. They’re really easy to install and fit on the end of your faucets (where the aerator screws on).

Install and On-Demand Hot Water Circulation Pump
Hot water can unnecessarily sit unused in pipes and lose heat. Installing and On-Demand Hot Water Circulation Pump will prevent you from having to run water at the faucet and wait for hot water to arrive, thereby reducing your water and energy usage.

Is it Time for a New Hot Water Heater?
Replacing an older unit with a new, high-efficiency one can have a save you big time when it comes to reducing your home heating costs.

Filter Out that Chlorine!
Special chlorine filters installed on your shower head can significantly reduce this unwanted chemical. Your hair and skin will thank you!

Ahhhh… An Water Filtration System for Your Entire Home
These make for healthier water for you and your home. Another perk is that it can help extend the life of your water heater and plumbing fixtures in areas that have high sediment levels in the water supply. Kiss hard water build-up goodbye.

Drink, Cook and Brush with Water You can Trust
Activated carbon filters can be installed on faucets and shower heads to absorb pollutants. Reverse osmosis filtrations systems are typically installed where your sinks are to provide purified water for ingesting.



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