How Dry Hot Weather Affects Plumbing

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Southern California is known for its ideal year-round weather. Although we are pleased with being able to be outdoors most of the time, some areas of the state suffer from what is known as a “micro-climate”. San Diego is an area that experiences these micro-climates and temperatures can vary dramatically between inland areas and the coastal regions.

Micro-climates are not necessarily a bad thing. What it means is that you always have to have with you, a bathing suit, a jacket, two different types of shoes and keep a close watch on your plumbing. Areas such as Vista are arid and due to the “boxed in” nature of where the city sits, residents can have their plumbing affected by this dry weather. Dry weather usually means low humidity. This is an ideal balance for plumbing. But when there is dry weather with high humidity or vice-versa, problems can appear. Having too much humidity in your plumbing system can be just as harmful as having no water in them at all.

There are two common problems of plumbing systems that we normally find in dry weather: sewage odors and pipeline cracks.

1) Sewage Odors

Sewage odors and back-flow happen in very dry areas because water is not running through the pipes constantly. Dirt and residue, such a dry leaves, fall into them. If there is no water to flush this stuff out, you will most likely get an odor. The pipes oftentimes get clogged so badly that whenever water does get in them, the same blockage throws the water back out. If your home is old, more than 50-60 years, you should have an experienced plumber come out to inspect your plumbing system. An old aging house combined with dry weather is the perfect combination for plumbing problems.

2) Pipeline Cracks

If there has been a long period without rain, like what is happening in California this year, the ground can dry out and settle and, in turn, cause the pipes to crack. Pipeline cracks happen mostly when there is low humidity in the ground. This causes the pipes to age faster, crack and cause different types of leakage. Hot weather and UV rays can also damage exposed plumbing pipes if they are not covered with insulation.

If you suspect your plumbing is showing signs of deterioration due to dry weather, you will want to contact a professional plumber such as North County Plumbing as soon as possible. If you see anything else out of the ordinary, also call your local plumbing company and have them come check it out.

North County Plumbing is located in Vista, California and has been in the service business since 1970 providing quality plumbing services including leak detection and drain service in northern San Diego County. Our qualified technicians are available 24 hours a day to help with emergency plumbing repair services… with no overtime charges!

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