Don’t Get Stuck with the Holiday Plumbing Blues!

toilet-not-workingAh, the holidays! So much family time, laughter and love. But having a house full of people can also put a big strain on your plumbing system. All that celebrating can lead to common holiday plumbing problems such as broken garbage disposals, clogged toilets and no hot water. But have no fear, North County Plumbing is here! We have compiled a list of common plumbing issues that can occur during the busiest time of the year and what you can do to avoid them:


A busy house during the holidays means lots of time in the kitchen. With the excess food, dishes, waste and stuff put down the garbage disposal, it is no wonder that December is one of the busiest times for professional plumbers. Here are some measures you can take to save your kitchen sink and your drains from those pesky clogs:

-Never put grease, oil or fatty materials down the drain as they can cause blockage when they solidify. Be sure you properly dispose of them by either wiping the leftover grease or oil from your pans and utensils or putting cooled fats and oils into a sealed container or garbage bag.

-Don’t overcrowd your garbage disposal with food and scraps. Remember that disposals can really only handle a particular amount of food at one time. Avoid putting poultry skin, banana peels or large chunks of vegetables down the drain. By cutting larger pieces into smaller ones before you put them down the drain, you can avoid clogging it up.

-Certain foods such as pasta, rice and potatoes should never go down your garbage disposal. These types of items can expand in the pipes and cause serious problems. Also, avoid putting such foods as onion skins, celery, bones and eggshells down the disposal as they can cause serious damage and clog not only your drain but your sink as well.

-Use a drain basket or strainer in the sink to catch all the food particles when dishes are being washed. You can also collect any vegetable and fruit leftovers to use for compost in the backyard.

TIP: A great way to keep your disposal clean is to grind up ice cubes or lemons peels while running hot water!

If you have further issues contact North County Plumbing to look at your disposal and pipes.


Problems can occur in the bathroom when you have guests and family at your home during the holidays. If too many people use the toilet or shower, you will probably encounter some plumbing issues. We can’t stop people from using the these things but here are a few preventative measures to avoid plumbing problems:

-Place a garbage can in the bathroom next to the toilet to encourage people to use the receptacle for toilet paper and other items. Also you can remind guests not to throw tissue, wipes, paper towels or sanitary products in the toilet, as this will cause your toilet to clog.

-If a lot of people will be using the shower or bath throughout the morning, try and spread the showers out so that there is enough hot water for everyone. If the water pressure is weak as it comes out of the showerhead, use vinegar on the dimples and then scrub them with a soft toothbrush to get rid of those meddlesome mineral deposits.

-Perform routine maintenance on your sewer line using a professional plumber. They can perform an inspection to determine the condition of your line, clear any debris and replace anything if there are signs of any big problems.

TIP: To make sure your water heater doesn’t get overwhelmed during the holidays, consider turning the heater up to increase its capacity. Do not turn it up above 120 degrees, as this can be very dangerous. Remember to turn your water heater back down after the holidays.

A little preventative maintenance and some kitchen savvy can help prevent holiday plumbing issues and save you thousands of dollars in repairs!

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