DIY Natural Cleaning Recipes (Part 1)



At North County Plumbing, we believe that having a consistently clean home is just as important as maintaining your plumbing. Part 1 of this blog series is covering some basic essential cleaning supplies. Stay tuned for solutions specific to plumbing!

You should keep your home clean on a regular basis for a number of reasons, but that doesn’t mean you have to fill it with potentially harmful chemicals or questionable cleaning ingredients. The following recipes are ideal if you’re looking for a natural way to clean your home. These cleaners have natural ingredients that can get your home clean without putting you and your family in harm’s way.

All-Purpose Cleaner

To make all-purpose cleaner, which can be used for wiping down surfaces around your home and cleaning other areas, you’ll need to gather the following:

  • Half cup vinegar
  • Quarter cup baking soda
  • Half gallon water
  • Four drops lavender, orange or lemon essential oil

Mix these together, and store the cleaning solution in a spray bottle for easy use. The vinegar and baking soda do the heavy cleaning work, while the essential oil leaves a pleasant scent around your home. You can use this all-purpose cleaner for getting rid of water deposit stains in your shower, cleaning bathroom fixtures and wiping down mirrors.

Glass Cleaner

For glass cleaner that doesn’t contain harsh ingredients, combine the following:

  • Two cups water
  • Two tablespoons vinegar
  • 10 drops lemon essential oil

When you mix these in a spray bottle, you’ll have a glass cleaner that effectively gets rid of spots, finger prints and other marks on glass windows and mirrors. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe the cleaner off these surfaces, and you’ll have clean, shiny windows and mirrors in no time. The vinegar removes spots and grime from glass surfaces, while lemon oil leaves a fresh scent behind.

Carpet Cleaner

If you have carpet stains, combine the following natural ingredients into a spray bottle:

  • Vinegar
  • Water

After mixing the vinegar and water, spray your carpet cleaner onto stains and wait several minutes. Go over the stains with a brush and some warm, soapy water. The vinegar helps break down stains, so they’re easier to remove.

If you need something stronger for tougher stains, mix the following:

  • Quarter cup salt
  • Quarter cup vinegar
  • Quarter cup borax

This creates a paste, which you can apply to tough stains on your carpet. Leave the carpet cleaner on for a few hours, then vacuum over these areas. The vacuum should remove all traces of the cleaner and leave your carpet in great condition.

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