Consider Going Green with a Solar Water Heater

If you’re in the market for some eco-friendly home upgrades, why not consider going green with a solar water heater?

Going earth friendly with house-hold appliances is truly a positive trend in favor of earth preservation. A trendy buzzword you’re probably hearing a lot of is “solar powered”. Solar powered is simply what it sounds like – powered by the sun, or energy derived from the sun in the form of solar radiation. From cars, to phone chargers, and even outdoor lighting, solar powered technology continues to gain momentum in an effort to harness the power of a natural (and free!) resource.

More and more we’re seeing homes with large solar panels planted on rooftops to help preserve energy, and offer some cost savings and tax incentive benefits in return. These panels are a fantastic way to save money and energy for your overall home – but the initial cost to install solar panels can be quite costly. So if you have a smaller budget for some eco-friendly home improvements you may want to consider a solar water heater. The initial cost is easier on the pocket book as most solar water heating units range in cost from roughly $500 – $5000, are easy to install, and the effects on your energy bill are immediate which equates to a quick return on investment.

And we’ll just make a quick mention that as of June 2008, Hawaii became the first State to pass a law requiring all new homes to use solar water heaters. So while Hawaii seems the ideal climate to take advantage of the sun’s energy rays, you may be wondering if the climate in your location is ideal for a solar water heater. The short answer is, yes. Of course you’ll need to consult with a professional on the best option (as there are several to choose from), but you can definitely reap the benefits of solar power whether you live in Hawaii, California, or Vermont.

If you’re ready to start shopping for some units, definitely do your research. Call your local plumbing expert and ask if they have any solar water heaters they recommend. Another great place to look is the website. The Department of Energy offers a page specifically dedicated to solar water heaters – from how they work, to the various types of solar water heaters that are out there on the market, and installation. They even offer a list of good questions to ask potential vendors while conducting your research.

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