Common Plumbing Terms (S-Z)

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Don’t let plumbing terminology confuse you! We’re here to help simplify the plumber language for you. To wrap up our three-part series, here’s the final portion of common plumbing terms from A-Z:

  • Scald Protection: It’s an important safety factor, particularly in homes with small children or elderly residents. Anti-scald plumbing devices include temperature activated flow reducers for showers and tubs, as well as thermostatic mixing valves near the water heater that prevent dangerously hot water from reaching fixtures.
  • Tankless Heater: These units heat water on demand only, instead of storing it in a conventional tank that has to be reheated repeatedly. Properly sized for household hot water demand, tankless heaters use less energy and never leave you in a cold shower.
  • Undersink Water Filter: These compact units purify water at a single faucet or fixture. Typically utilizing cartridge filters or a reverse osmosis process, an undersink filter can remove sediment, chlorine, bad tastes and odors from household water.
  • Vents: To permit free flow of waste water, vent pipes extending from drain pipes up to your roof release air pressure and prevent a vacuum from forming inside pipes. If vents get obstructed at the roof—due to birds nests, leaves, etc—drains in the house may gurgle and burp, run very slow and appear to be clogged.
  • Water Shutoff Valve: It’s a good thing to know the location of the main water shutoff valve for your house and test it annually to make sure it turns easily. Ask a plumber if you don’t know where it is. In the event of a major pipe rupture inside the house, acting fast to shut off water is critical to prevent expensive water damage.
  • X-Factor: It’s the mysterious force that causes dropped jewelry to always bounce into a sink and down the drain, despite the odds against it.
  • Yard Sprinklers: Underground sprinkler systems can be the source of hidden leaks that boost your water bills without any obvious signs on the surface. Sprinkler pipes may be crushed by excess weight on the ground or, like sewer pipes, may be invaded by tree roots and crack or rupture.
  • Zero Gravity: Toilets really don’t work right in that environment.

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