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How to Spot and Handle a Leaking Water Heater

Checked your water heater lately for leakage? Some people like to live on the edge and let things like that lapse. Here’s why that’s a bad idea. In most households, the water heater is the major appliance with the shortest average service life. Ten years is pushing it and, if you have hard water in […]

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Bookshelf door to hide water heater or furnace in house

Decorative Solutions for Exposed In-house Water Heaters

New homes come with lots of comforts. Most of us don’t think twice when it comes to being able to flip a breaker switch if something goes awry. However, there are others who love the uniqueness and character that older homes have. If you prefer the latter, you may be dealing with odd placements of […]

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Grundfos Comfort System Hot Water-01

Hot Water Recirculation: The Grundfos Water System

Oh, what to do while waiting for hot water to flow from a tap in the kitchen or a bathroom? Many people take care of minor household chores, or catch up on personal grooming, until residual cold water finally runs out and delightful, 120-degree hot water gushes forth. However, you might also spend that time […]

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Water heater with tool box

Checklist for Regular Water Heater Maintenance

Water heaters often work really well for a decade or more without much maintenance, so it’s easy to forget about them in our day to day lives. But it’s winter, it’s cold, and the last thing anyone wants is to wake up in the morning and hop into a chilly-willy shower. Spending just a little time […]

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small three-dimensional man turns the valve

Is Your Gas, Water Heater and Plumbing Secure During an Earthquake?

The recent earthquakes in California are a reminder that we do live in earthquake country, especially for those of us living in Southern California. It is important to secure your plumbing, gas and water heater now so that when an earthquake hits, you are safe in your home or business. Gas leaks are a major concern […]

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The Importance of Having an Emergency Professional Plumber

Many times, a homeowner can accomplish basic plumbing tasks at home. It is, however, important to have an emergency plumber on hand to call if and when you encounter a serious plumbing issue. Imagine coming home to a flooded downstairs in the dead of winter or a broken air conditioner during the summer months. Having […]

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Consider Going Green with a Solar Water Heater

If you’re in the market for some eco-friendly home upgrades, why not consider going green with a solar water heater? Going earth friendly with house-hold appliances is truly a positive trend in favor of earth preservation. A trendy buzzword you’re probably hearing a lot of is “solar powered”. Solar powered is simply what it sounds […]

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The History of the Plumbing Profession

Believe it or not the plumbing profession has quite a history. The father of modern physics, Albert Einstein, actually aspired to be a plumber, and we’re all familiar with those two famous plumbing brothers who work so hard to save their princess, Mario and Luigi. The term plumber, has a Latin origin – some of the earliest […]

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Tankless Water Heater Vs. Storage Water Heater

Tankless Water Heaters provide hot water only when it’s needed, vs. Storage Water Heaters which are filled with heated water in a tank until it’s ready for use. How Do Tankless Water Heaters Work Tankless water heaters, also known as demand-type or instantaneous water heaters, heat water directly without the use of a storage tank. […]

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Leaking water heater

Time for a New Hot Water Heater?

Is it time for a new hot water heater in your home? Hot Water Heater 101 Though pretty self-explanatory, let’s do a quick review of what a hot water heater is, and how it works. The water coming into your home travels through system of pipes and is usually pretty cold. To take a hot […]

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