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Kitchen Plumbing: From Repairs to Remodeling

Kitchen plumbing – whether remodeling or needing to make some repairs, there are some plumbing basics you should be aware of in this culinary-hub of your home. If you’re planning to remodel or even build your dream kitchen, make a check-list of the items you’re looking to replace or install. From a decorative standpoint you […]

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Water Conservation: Plumbing Fixtures to Save Water, Energy and Money

Water conservation is a practice that can be implemented with the use of certain plumbing fixtures in your own home to not only save water, but also also conserve energy and save you money! Water is a precious resource, and with only about two percent of the planets water being fresh and usable it’s no wonder […]

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Tankless Water Heater Vs. Storage Water Heater

Tankless Water Heaters provide hot water only when it’s needed, vs. Storage Water Heaters which are filled with heated water in a tank until it’s ready for use. How Do Tankless Water Heaters Work Tankless water heaters, also known as demand-type or instantaneous water heaters, heat water directly without the use of a storage tank. […]

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Reindeer Toilet

Prevent Holiday Plumbing Emergencies

It’s that time of year and your home is bound to be a mecca of increased plumbing usage with potential holiday parties, out-of-town-guests, and double-time cooking and baking. Take precaution and prevent plumbing emergencies – don’t throw a wrench in your holiday spirit! Clean-Out the Drains for Out-of -Towners Many of us offer our home […]

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What is Hydro-jetting and When is it Necessary?

So, what is hydro-jetting and when is it necessary? – If your sewer lines are sluggish or problematic it may have you dreading the possibility of a costly and messy plumbing repair. Before you jump to this conclusion consider that the problem could potentially be solved with a quick and simple cleaning method called, hydro-jetting. […]

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Leaking water heater

Time for a New Hot Water Heater?

Is it time for a new hot water heater in your home? Hot Water Heater 101 Though pretty self-explanatory, let’s do a quick review of what a hot water heater is, and how it works. The water coming into your home travels through system of pipes and is usually pretty cold. To take a hot […]

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Eco Friendly Plumbing Tips for Your Home

Going green is always a good thing and in case you weren’t aware, there are a variety of ways you can reduce the energy use in your home where your plumbing is concerned. Below are some simple ways you can go eco “plumbing” friendly to not only help save you money, but to save the […]

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Home Plumbing Preventative Maintenance

Just like your car, the plumbing system in your home requires regular maintenance and upkeep to prevent costly repairs, and above all to improve the efficiency of the pipes and faucets in your home. Below are some tips to keep the plumbing in the main rooms of your home running smoothly. BATHROOM Run hot water […]

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