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Air conditioning unit with tools on top

5 Common Air Conditioning Issues To Look Out For

Does your central air conditioning system have “issues”?  Some A/C problems are literally built-in. For example, an undersized unit may simply lack the necessary capacity to meet your home’s cooling load. You need a new air conditioner—first, however, get an accurate cooling load calculation done by an HVAC contractor so it will be correctly sized […]

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Home septic system being maintained by plumber/septician

Maintaining Your Septic System Properly

While you may not think about your home as a living structure, there are certain ecosystems within it that require a bit of maintenance. Your septic tank is such a living system. While the septic tank may not be the most pleasant of conversations, you do need to understand how to maintain it properly. In […]

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Home heating concept, house wrapped in scarf

Heating Your Home Efficiently During Winter in San Diego

Heating your home in San Diego during winter is pretty straight forward. There really isn’t too much to worry about being that we see more sunny days than not in SoCal. That’s not to say that we don’t feel the chill in the air when the winter months hit — we definitely do, especially at […]

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Rain Chain during rainy day

What’s the Deal with Rain Chains?

The little break we’ve had from the rain is a welcome for us Southern Californians, indeed. But if you look a little further into the forecast, more wet weather is to come. In fact, higher rainfall in SoCal tends to hit from February to April — remember the term, “April Showers?” So although it’s been […]

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Rain barrel with flowers in it

Rain Barrels: Common Questions and Benefits

With the rain from El Nino making an appearance, we’re hearing all kind of buzz about something called, “rain barrels.” Rain Barrels are a simple a means/vessel to effectively catch the rainwater runoff from your home. The barrels are placed in specific areas where your rain gutter drain spouts are. When it rains, the water […]

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Garbage disposal sink

Items That Are ‘OK’ To Put Down Your Garbage Disposal

A few weeks ago we wrote a blog about food items you really shouldn’t put down your garbage disposal, which left a few people wondering, “well what can I put down my garbage disposal?” First, we want to preface that we completely understand that some items on the ‘no’ list are going to sneak past […]

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Water heater with tool box

Checklist for Regular Water Heater Maintenance

Water heaters often work really well for a decade or more without much maintenance, so it’s easy to forget about them in our day to day lives. But it’s winter, it’s cold, and the last thing anyone wants is to wake up in the morning and hop into a chilly-willy shower. Spending just a little time […]

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Rain drops in puddle

El Niño and Your Plumbing: Info and Tips to Prepare

Weather experts everywhere have predicted that we’re indeed heading into an El Niño year, perhaps the biggest one yet. The last El Niño we experienced was back in winter of 1997-1998. With our recent dry spell throughout California it almost seems unbelievable that we’ll experience a downpour of rain. But the buzz is all around us […]

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Cat Sitting on Toilet

Got Guests? How to Prevent Embarrassing Bathroom Moments

Ok, folks, we’re going there. Whether you’re having a parade of people over for the holidays, hosting a party, or even just having a few guest over, there’s one room you’ll want to be fully functional and well-stocked to prevent embarrassing moments, the bathroom! We’ve all had to endure an uncomfortable bathroom experience at one point […]

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Kitchen sink with garbage disposal and veggies

8 Things You Should Never Put Down Your Garbage Disposal

We’re getting closer and closer to the holidays! A time when we’ll be cooking, baking, and eating just a little bit (haha!) more than we usually do. With so much going on it’s easy to forget the little things that keep our household running smoothly, especially if you’ll have out of town guests helping you […]

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