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lady with question

The Best Questions to Ask Your Plumber

“Why are toilets nicknamed ‘the John?’” There’s a question you might throw at a prospective plumber — but not one that truly matters or that every plumber knows the answer to.  (We’ll explain this later). There are far more important inquiries you’ll want to make before that. Keep in mind, the plumber you hire will […]

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Shut-off valve

Where is My Water Main Shutoff Valve?

A ruptured pipe gushing hundreds of gallons of water into your house is the wrong time to begin searching for the location of your water main shutoff valve. This is info you need to know before the need arises. While some fixtures in a house have individual shutoff valves close-by to turn off water for […]

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drain plug

5 Most Common Home Drain Problems

Drain problems are the most common call any plumber gets. The DIY options are limited: After trying a commercially available drain opener—not the best idea in the first place because caustic chemicals may harm your pipes—or vigorous use of a plunger, most homeowners are ready to declare defeat and call in a pro. Drain problems […]

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water in faucet

What to Do About a Noisy Faucet

If using a bathroom or kitchen faucet is a wake-up call for others in the house, your faucets are too noisy. Water flowing through a pipe and out of a faucet ought to make a soothing, zen-like sound. However, a variety of other audio effects may be emitted such as screeching, spitting sounds, or loud […]

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Why It’s Best to Have Appliances Professionally Installed

Like many, you’ve probably looked forward to upgrading that old crummy stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, or washer/dryer with a new high-tech model. Once the new one arrives, there’s a natural tendency to open up the box, grab the instructions, and plunge into the project on your own. We get it. However, maybe you ought to pause […]

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hand under water

What is Causing Your Low Water Pressure?

Chronic low water pressure is a condition that just keeps on giving—annoyance. Fixtures like showerheads don’t rinse properly when water pressure drops below their design specs. It can seem like forever for a toilet tank to refill. Waiting for washing machine cycles to finish builds patience and character. Low water pressure may be limited to […]

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woman on phone

Can You Plan for Plumbing Emergencies?

Have you added a plumbing emergency to your list of things-to-do? Although you probably can’t plan for everything that might go wrong in your pipes, “the most inconvenient time” is a pretty good guess about when it will happen. Like most emergencies, a crisis in your household plumbing usually takes you by surprise. However, it […]

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summer on sand

3 Summer Activities in the Oceanside/Vista Area

Summer’s in full swing here in San Diego county, that means ample time for activities and fun for many families. With so many options it can be hard to decide how to spend a day or weekend, so the North County Plumbing team zeroed in on three awesome activities that should prove to be fun […]

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HVAC maintenance gauge tool

Still Using R22 Freon in Your AC Unit? Time to Make a Change!

  Maybe you’ve been on the edge of your seat keeping up with the fascinating developments in air conditioning refrigerant. Maybe not. Well, we have news for you: Refrigerant is changing and you don’t want to be left behind when it happens. Refrigerant’s the critical substance in your air conditioner that actually moves heat out […]

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Shower head with flowing water gray tile

How to Remove Mineral Build-up on Shower Heads

Mineral deposits in the great outdoors can be one of the wonders of nature. Mineral deposits forming inside your shower head—not so much. All municipal water contains some amount of dissolved mineral content, usually calcium carbonate. While they’re harmless to your health, and in trace amounts actually make drinking water taste more appetizing, dissolved minerals […]

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