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How the Drought Can Affect Your Well Water

Groundwater recharge is limited during late spring and summer because trees and other plants use the available water to grow. However, due to lack of rainfall in many areas of the country, we are in the midst of a drought. Natural groundwater levels usually reach their lowest point in late September or October. In late fall, […]

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plant root damage in plumbing pipe

Plants That Cause Plumbing Issues

So we’ve uncovered some trees that can be damaging to your plumbing in our recent post Trees That Cause Plumbing Issues to Your Home, and now we’re going to address some of the plants can cause plumbing issues to your home or property. As mentioned in the previous blog (see link above) trees and plants add beauty […]

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Toilet Installation Tips

Whether you’re building, remodeling or simply need a replacement, toilet installation is a fairly straight forward process and we’ve got some tips to help you determine what your needs are for the process. Caveat, if your toilet is clogged or causing some trouble you should definitely call your local plumbing experts to determine the problem […]

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Flood Buzz Water Leak Detector

Water Alarms & Leak Detectors: Prevent Plumbing Disasters

Home floods due to water leaks can have cataclysmic effects, but you CAN do your best to prevent these disasters by installing a water alarm and or water leak detector. Even the smallest of water leaks can cause significant damage to your property if they’re not caught in time  – because often times flooding doesn’t typically hit all […]

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Water Conservation: Plumbing Fixtures to Save Water, Energy and Money

Water conservation is a practice that can be implemented with the use of certain plumbing fixtures in your own home to not only save water, but also also conserve energy and save you money! Water is a precious resource, and with only about two percent of the planets water being fresh and usable it’s no wonder […]

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The History of the Plumbing Profession

Believe it or not the plumbing profession has quite a history. The father of modern physics, Albert Einstein, actually aspired to be a plumber, and we’re all familiar with those two famous plumbing brothers who work so hard to save their princess, Mario and Luigi. The term plumber, has a Latin origin – some of the earliest […]

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Hard Water and How it Can Affect Your Plumbing

While hard water can be problematic for drinking and washing, it can actually affect your plumbing negatively. Hard water contains a considerable amounts of dissolved minerals, such as calcium, which can leach out and form a substance called lime scale. Hard water can cause a buildup of lime scale inside your pipes leading to a […]

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Reindeer Toilet

Prevent Holiday Plumbing Emergencies

It’s that time of year and your home is bound to be a mecca of increased plumbing usage with potential holiday parties, out-of-town-guests, and double-time cooking and baking. Take precaution and prevent plumbing emergencies – don’t throw a wrench in your holiday spirit! Clean-Out the Drains for Out-of -Towners Many of us offer our home […]

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Home Plumbing Preventative Maintenance

Just like your car, the plumbing system in your home requires regular maintenance and upkeep to prevent costly repairs, and above all to improve the efficiency of the pipes and faucets in your home. Below are some tips to keep the plumbing in the main rooms of your home running smoothly. BATHROOM Run hot water […]

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