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Tree in the rain and sun

Caring for Your SoCal Trees During Rainy Weather

We’ve seen a much-needed break in the rainy weather, but that doesn’t mean it’s over. In fact, more rainfall is predicted in the coming weeks, so this is an opportune time to take on some priority to-dos in and around your home. One area we highly recommend taking some precaution is with your trees. When […]

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Rain drops in puddle

El Niño and Your Plumbing: Info and Tips to Prepare

Weather experts everywhere have predicted that we’re indeed heading into an El Niño year, perhaps the biggest one yet. The last El Niño we experienced was back in winter of 1997-1998. With our recent dry spell throughout California it almost seems unbelievable that we’ll experience a downpour of rain. But the buzz is all around us […]

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plant root damage in plumbing pipe

Plants That Cause Plumbing Issues

So we’ve uncovered some trees that can be damaging to your plumbing in our recent post Trees That Cause Plumbing Issues to Your Home, and now we’re going to address some of the plants can cause plumbing issues to your home or property. As mentioned in the previous blog (see link above) trees and plants add beauty […]

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Trees That Cause Plumbing Issues to Your Home

Trees add beauty and curb appeal to our homes, but did you know that some varieties can cause major plumbing and foundation issues to your property? You’d be surprised that many of the popular trees chosen to plant around your home can have a tendency (over time) to grow roots that burrow into the cracks of […]

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What is Hydro-jetting and When is it Necessary?

So, what is hydro-jetting and when is it necessary? – If your sewer lines are sluggish or problematic it may have you dreading the possibility of a costly and messy plumbing repair. Before you jump to this conclusion consider that the problem could potentially be solved with a quick and simple cleaning method called, hydro-jetting. […]

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