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What’s Next in Plumbing Technology?

In today’s day and age, technology has a significant influence in almost everything we do. For homeowners, it’s transforming the way homes look and operate — plumbing and all. Increased plumbing technology is creating an opportunity for more efficient, greener and more convenient home improvements across the board. If you want to stay on the cutting edge […]

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What is Green Plumbing?

Will green plumbing clash with brown electrical wiring and ruin your indoor decor scheme? Nothing to worry about. In this case, “green” refers to environmental benefits and a healthier home. Going green will also reduce household expenses by conserving resources like energy and water and, in the long run, pay for itself. Start with simple […]

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green house

3 Best Energy Efficient Upgrades to Your Home

Many houses consume energy like it’s the 1980s. Unfortunately, the utility bills those owners get at the end of every month reflect 2016 energy costs. Houses built today are constructed to much higher standards of energy efficiency. If you’re not living in a brand-new residence with the fragrance of fresh paint and new carpet lingering […]

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Shower head with flowing water gray tile

How to Save Water When You Shower

Just a quick spritzer or the proverbial “hour in the shower” type — which one are you? If you want to admit to being average, the average American spends 8.2 minutes taking a shower. There are two ways to cut water consumption related to showering, as well as waste of this increasingly precious resource here […]

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succulent rows

Drought Tolerant Green Landscaping Ideas for the Summer

After several years of drought here in southern California—and El Nino storms last winter that under-performed—we’re all beginning to wonder if a home landscape composed of pink pea gravel is in our immediate future. Tree-ring data and other historical research shows that extended periods of low rainfall like we’re enduring now may actually be more […]

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hand in globe

How to Save Water During the Summer Months

Do your plans for carefree summer fun include plumbing maintenance? Maybe they should, since we’re still suffering the effects of a multi-year water shortage here in southern California. Those El Nino forecasts didn’t deliver the sort of drought-busting rain we hoped for last winter, so water conservation remains high on the agenda. Another thing that […]

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DIY Eco Toilet Bowl Cleaners

DIY Toilet Bowl Cleaning Recipes We LOVE

Earth Day is almost here and you may be thinking about ways to help out our good Mother. With more stories coming out about how toxic cleaners are, and that some do more harm than good, you may be feeling guilty about the biochemical lab under your sink. When it comes to cleaning your home, […]

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Rain Chain during rainy day

What’s the Deal with Rain Chains?

The little break we’ve had from the rain is a welcome for us Southern Californians, indeed. But if you look a little further into the forecast, more wet weather is to come. In fact, higher rainfall in SoCal tends to hit from February to April — remember the term, “April Showers?” So although it’s been […]

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Tree in the rain and sun

Caring for Your SoCal Trees During Rainy Weather

We’ve seen a much-needed break in the rainy weather, but that doesn’t mean it’s over. In fact, more rainfall is predicted in the coming weeks, so this is an opportune time to take on some priority to-dos in and around your home. One area we highly recommend taking some precaution is with your trees. When […]

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DIY PVC table lamps

Getting Gift Crafty with PVC Pipes

So we kinda love that there are some creative and fun things you can do with plumbing materials! Can you blame us? We are a plumbing company after all. If you’re crafty and into DIY gifts, this blog might even serve as the perfect inspiration from some holiday gift giving. Here are 5 awesome DIY […]

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