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Maintain Your Hot Tub: Avoid Bacteria Growth

Nothing is more relaxing than soaking in a whirlpool or hot tub after a long day. However, proper maintenance of your hot tub is of the utmost importance since it is a breeding ground for bacteria and can lead to harmful infections. The interior piping of a hot tub is the perfect setting for bacteria […]

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Money Down the Drain - Like Flushing Money Down The Drain

Drain Cleaning: Avoid These Common Mistakes

Oftentimes, we try to do everything we can to avoid calling a plumber to save money. When it comes to drain cleaning, many people try and do it themselves. Although it is ALWAYS best to call a professional plumber, if you do decide to clean your own drains in your home, here are some tips […]

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The History of the Plumbing Profession

Believe it or not the plumbing profession has quite a history. The father of modern physics, Albert Einstein, actually aspired to be a plumber, and we’re all familiar with those two famous plumbing brothers who work so hard to save their princess, Mario and Luigi. The term plumber, has a Latin origin – some of the earliest […]

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Hard Water and How it Can Affect Your Plumbing

While hard water can be problematic for drinking and washing, it can actually affect your plumbing negatively. Hard water contains a considerable amounts of dissolved minerals, such as calcium, which can leach out and form a substance called lime scale. Hard water can cause a buildup of lime scale inside your pipes leading to a […]

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leak detection

What is a Slab Leak?

Beneath the concrete slab foundation of your home is a system of plumbing pipes, when these pipes begin to leak water you have a slab leak. Slab leaks generally come in two forms, sewer leaks and water line leaks. Water line leaks typically make themselves known pretty quickly as your water bill will probably be […]

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