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Don’t Let Pumpkin Carvings Spook Your Plumbing!

Carving pumpkins is an age-old Halloween tradition that is fun for the whole family. But they are also a leading cause of some terrifying plumbing problems. During this time of the year, the millions of pumpkins that are being carved are creating a ton of leftover pulp. Many homeowners begin the carving process by opening […]

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Using Greywater: From Your Laundry to Your Landscape

The average person in the United States uses roughly forty gallons of water per day to bathe, wash clothes and clean dishes. Unfortunately, most of this water goes to waste, straight down the drain. But there is a way to use this water to irrigate fruit trees and plants, using something commonly known as “Greywater”. […]

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Is Your Gas, Water Heater and Plumbing Secure During an Earthquake?

The recent earthquakes in California are a reminder that we do live in earthquake country, especially for those of us living in Southern California. It is important to secure your plumbing, gas and water heater now so that when an earthquake hits, you are safe in your home or business. Gas leaks are a major concern […]

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Your Plumbing Pipes: What Type Do You Have & How Long Will They Last?

Your home has many things that will need to be replaced while you live in it. Hopefully, plumbing pipes aren’t one of them. The majority of pipe materials last for decades. But once they have reached the end of their lifespan, the pipes might start to leak. First and foremost, you should check for lead […]

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Tips for Saving Water in the Kitchen

By saving water in the kitchen, you can play a big part in reducing your water consumption at home. Here are some easy and useful tips on how you can introduce ways to save water without having to change up your routine or lifestyle that much. Avoid running taps: Try and balance out the amount […]

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Outdoor Showers: Not Just for the Beach Anymore

You can find an outdoor shower at a fancy resort in the Caribbean but why not build one in your home? Letting a little bit of nature into your home by installing an outdoor shower is a growing trend for homeowners. To be clear, we are not referring to those freestanding outdoor showers used for […]

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Low Water Pressure: What You Can Do

You notice it when two different plumbing fixtures are turned on at the same time: low water pressure. Even if it is a garden hose from outside or the toilet or even the shower, having low water pressure is no fun. Your water pressure might be sufficient when only one fixture is in operation, but you […]

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Important Historical Events That Shaped Modern Plumbing Systems

The world as we know it today would not sustain life without a modern plumbing system. This system provides clean drinking water and sewage systems that remove contaminants. The historical events that lead to our modern plumbing systems we have in place today were based on successes and failures from the past. Below are some […]

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How to Tell if You Have Hard or Soft Water

Most people think water is water. However, water falls into two categories: hard and soft. The difference between hard and soft water has nothing to do with how the water feels. It has to do with the mineral content of the water. But how do you know if you have hard or soft water in […]

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Detecting a Water Leak in Your Foundation or Slab

A water leak in your home foundation or slab is something that no homeowner wants to face. But how do you tell if you have one? If you are experiencing higher than normal water bills or have noticed foundation movement, you might have a water leak. How Do You Know if You Have a Foundation […]

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