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Plumbing Issues and Protection During Rainy Months

While homeowners in Southern California don’t have to worry too much about dealing with frozen pipes, winters here can still cause plenty of plumbing headaches. Higher amounts of rain can lead to issues with pipes, drains and sewers. Here are some of the problems to watch for this winter: Broken Pipes The pipes in your plumbing […]

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3 Common Causes for Clogged Drains

To some, clogged drains can be a rare occurrence. To others, it can be déjà vu over and over again. In fact, even though clogged drains result in similar issues, the cause of the clog can vary. For this reason, a long-lasting fix will differ according to the location and nature of the clog. Here are the most common reasons for […]

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drain plug

5 Most Common Home Drain Problems

Drain problems are the most common call any plumber gets. The DIY options are limited: After trying a commercially available drain opener—not the best idea in the first place because caustic chemicals may harm your pipes—or vigorous use of a plunger, most homeowners are ready to declare defeat and call in a pro. Drain problems […]

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Tree in the rain and sun

Caring for Your SoCal Trees During Rainy Weather

We’ve seen a much-needed break in the rainy weather, but that doesn’t mean it’s over. In fact, more rainfall is predicted in the coming weeks, so this is an opportune time to take on some priority to-dos in and around your home. One area we highly recommend taking some precaution is with your trees. When […]

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DIY PVC table lamps

Getting Gift Crafty with PVC Pipes

So we kinda love that there are some creative and fun things you can do with plumbing materials! Can you blame us? We are a plumbing company after all. If you’re crafty and into DIY gifts, this blog might even serve as the perfect inspiration from some holiday gift giving. Here are 5 awesome DIY […]

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RSVP Endurance Sink Strainer

Sink & Bathtub Drain Protectors: Our Top 3 Picks!

It may not be the most glamorous topic, but sink and bathtub drain protectors play an important role in your home plumbing. They’re small and often times overlooked, but these gadgets will help keep your home’s pipes flowing smoothly. It is a preventative plumbing step that can be taken with a price tag of under […]

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Drain cleaning and repair

Drain Cleaning and Repair

Photo courtesy of Pixabay It’s a fact that plumbing systems will develop clogs at some point and unfortunately there is simply no way to avoid it. You can however, have the drains in your home routinely cleaned and maintained to prevent major problems. When a clog arises, trying to fix it yourself can be risky and potentially expensive. […]

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Buying a Home? Have the Plumbing Inspected!

Buying a home is a huge investment as we all know. Let’s say you find the home of your dreams: it has everything you want from the right amount of bedrooms to that massive backyard you’ve always dreamed of. But what about the parts of the house that you don’t see or think about? Things […]

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Don’t Get Stuck with the Holiday Plumbing Blues!

Ah, the holidays! So much family time, laughter and love. But having a house full of people can also put a big strain on your plumbing system. All that celebrating can lead to common holiday plumbing problems such as broken garbage disposals, clogged toilets and no hot water. But have no fear, North County Plumbing […]

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thanksgiving and your plumbing

Thanksgiving Plumbing Tips to be Thankful For!

Did you know that Thanksgiving is the single busiest time of year for residential plumbers? The big holiday meal preparation and cleanup can lead to excessive waste in the kitchen drain and garbage disposal. In addition, a house full of guests can put a strain on your plumbing system with the extra clothes washing, showers and […]

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