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North County Plumbing has been proudly providing repair, installation and emergency plumbing services to the Carlsbad and surrounding North County San Diego area since is 1970. Our company has been providing both homeowners and commercial businesses with exceptional service and honest work. We handle every plumbing need that you may have or issue that may arise.

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Our staff of highly qualified plumbing specialists can help you to quickly fix and mend any plumbing concern you may have fully and in record time. We value your money, time, and respectability. We are appropriately insured, BBB approved, and have all the proper licenses and certifications.

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We Serve These Carlsbad Neighborhoods: Outline Carlsbad

  • Beachwalk
  • Blackrail
  • Bressi Ranch
  • Calavera Hills Village
  • Casa Laguna
  • Faraday Spectrum
  • And More

Services Offered From North County Plumbing

Whether you are availing our services for the first time or you are a regular client, you can consistently enjoy terrific discounts. We have coupons of various values that will let you save a lot of money on setups in addition to repair. We are a superior plumbing company that is dedicated to supplying quick services aimed at 100 % customer satisfaction.

Backflow Repairs

Backflow is the issue when the used water fails to flow out of the drain and returns back the other way. This issue clearly shows that the affected drain requires a repair in its backflow preventer. Backflow is a worrisome problem because it can cause flooding, and the polluted water may pose health risks to your family. By phoning North County Plumbing, you will get a methodical cleaning of the troubled drain. We have the equipment for situating the actual cause of the backflow. Experts from our plumbing company will ensure that your family and you do not experience such backflows later on. Backflow preventers do not allow the polluted wastewater blend with your drinking water. This is why these preventers are vital in every single home. At North County Plumbing we have experienced contractors who will not only put in the backflow preventer but also evaluate it to ensure that the protection and health of your family is guaranteed, instantly.

Kitchen and Bathroom Installations and Repairs

Whether your newly-constructed house needs a garbage disposal unit, or you are considering modernizing your old garbage disposal unit, give North County Plumbing a call today. We have trained plumbers and contractors who can switch out your old unit with no fuss. Since old units can clog frequently, you should give us a call for a smooth installment. If your sink, drain, faucet, shower, etc are not working well it may need to be fixed.

Our plumbers are experienced as they have repaired many disposal devices in San Diego so far. For that reason you can feel secure in letting us examine the unit, identify the problem, and repair it fully.

Leak Detection & Repair

This is always an issue of urgency which is why we will locate the leak location and we will fix the problem as quickly as possible. To detect the pipe that is leaking, we will use the state-of-the-art Electronic Leak Detection technique that is non-invasive and will not cause any additional damage.

Local Plumbing Contractors

When you call North County Plumbing for any of your plumbing needs, you will never have to bear any cost for obtaining an estimate for the needed repair or installation. We are a premium plumbing company that is devoted to providing quick services aimed at 100 % customer satisfaction. We aspire to assist you regardless of what hour or day it is. North County Plumbing is unrivaled in delivering extremely competent residential and commercial plumbing services. Call us anytime and our technicians will reach your location and provide you with swift relief for all your plumbing needs.