Can You Plan for Plumbing Emergencies?

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Have you added a plumbing emergency to your list of things-to-do? Although you probably can’t plan for everything that might go wrong in your pipes, “the most inconvenient time” is a pretty good guess about when it will happen. Like most emergencies, a crisis in your household plumbing usually takes you by surprise. However, it doesn’t have to to catch you totally unprepared.  Here are some tips to help you respond effectively to these unscheduled events, at least until a qualified plumber arrives to take control of the situation.

Where’s The Main Shutoff?

Know the location of the valve that shuts off all water to the entire home—a critical function in the event of a major pipe rupture. It’s usually incorporated into the main water line where it emerges from the ground and enters the house. Or, it may be on an inside wall in the basement, if you have one. Every adult should know the location of the valve. Test it annually to make sure it turns freely. If it seems too hard, don’t force it. Ask a plumber to check it out.

Identify Individual Valves

If a toilet overflows, a sink supply tube starts leaking or a washing machine water hose blows out, the fixture’s dedicated individual shutoff valve is usually faster to access to stop the flow versus the main shutoff. The toilet shutoff valve is right behind and below the toilet, washing machine valves are on the wall behind the unit and individual sink valves are under each sink. Again, check each valve once a year to verify that it turns.

Avoid Risks

Don’t wade into standing water inside a house during a plumbing emergency. Possible electrocution is a  real danger. In the event of a sewage backup, raw sewage is a toxic biohazard and any contact, as well as inhaling vapors, should be avoided.

Know Who To Call

Keep the 24-hour emergency number for a local plumber posted someplace conspicuous, like stuck to a refrigerator door. If a plumbing emergency strikes, call for help now, not later. Don’t put off calling while attempting DIY methods to fix the problem.

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