various filters

Comparing Different Water Filters for Your Home

Water quality can be greatly affected by the water filters in your home. With that being said, you may want to consider different water filters to bring water quality up to your standards. If you get your water from a municipal facility, it likely meets federal and local criteria for purity. However, while those water […]

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red xmas tree

San Diego Events That Spark the Holiday Spirit

San Diego offers a plethora of free, fun and festive events during the holiday season — all of which are sure to spread the holiday cheer and put a smile on your face. Events are held in all areas of San Diego county, so you’re bound to find something to enjoy near you. The following […]

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plumbing heaters

How to Spot and Handle a Leaking Water Heater

Checked your water heater lately for leakage? Some people like to live on the edge and let things like that lapse. Here’s why that’s a bad idea. In most households, the water heater is the major appliance with the shortest average service life. Ten years is pushing it and, if you have hard water in […]

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couch in water

How to Prepare For a House Flood

Southern California has near perfect weather. With an average of 265 days of sunshine, it’s hard to imagine flooding. However, it does happen. Plus, California has a rainy season, which is in full swing from October to March. Even though droughts have plagued the region for the last several years, this occurrence only places the […]

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green house

3 Best Energy Efficient Upgrades to Your Home

Many houses consume energy like it’s the 1980s. Unfortunately, the utility bills those owners get at the end of every month reflect 2016 energy costs. Houses built today are constructed to much higher standards of energy efficiency. If you’re not living in a brand-new residence with the fragrance of fresh paint and new carpet lingering […]

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lady with question

The Best Questions to Ask Your Plumber

“Why are toilets nicknamed ‘the John?’” There’s a question you might throw at a prospective plumber — but not one that truly matters or that every plumber knows the answer to.  (We’ll explain this later). There are far more important inquiries you’ll want to make before that. Keep in mind, the plumber you hire will […]

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night pumpkins

Trick-or-Treating Tips for San Diegans

We love being apart of the San Diego community, and we especially love sharing with the community. Our team here at North County Plumbing wants everyone to have a safe and memorable holiday — so here are our tips for a successful Halloween in San Diego! Safety Tips It’s a great idea to plan your […]

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Shut-off valve

Where is My Water Main Shutoff Valve?

A ruptured pipe gushing hundreds of gallons of water into your house is the wrong time to begin searching for the location of your water main shutoff valve. This is info you need to know before the need arises. While some fixtures in a house have individual shutoff valves close-by to turn off water for […]

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Shower head with flowing water gray tile

How to Save Water When You Shower

Just a quick spritzer or the proverbial “hour in the shower” type — which one are you? If you want to admit to being average, the average American spends 8.2 minutes taking a shower. There are two ways to cut water consumption related to showering, as well as waste of this increasingly precious resource here […]

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drain plug

5 Most Common Home Drain Problems

Drain problems are the most common call any plumber gets. The DIY options are limited: After trying a commercially available drain opener—not the best idea in the first place because caustic chemicals may harm your pipes—or vigorous use of a plunger, most homeowners are ready to declare defeat and call in a pro. Drain problems […]

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