5 Top Symptoms You May Have a Slab Leak

Wondering if you have a slab leak? These are leaks in one of the water lines running below the concrete floor of your home. They usually pinhole leaks that develop in copper water lines; they are also known as foundation leaks.

Here are five of the most common symptoms:

1. The sound of running water when all water is turned off: Hear water running, but the water isn’t on? This can definitely be a sign of a leak underfoot.

2. Hot spots on the floor: These hot spots are sometimes indicators that you have a leak in your hot water line.

3. Cracks in your walls or flooring: Sometimes when enough water leaks, it can cause your walls or flooring to crack.

4. Wet baseboards: Mildew or water around your baseboards (or on your carpet) could indicate your slab is cracked. You may also notice wet planters near your home.

 5. High water bill: If the water is continually leaking, then your meter is continually running.

To check for a slab leak, first call a plumber and schedule a visual inspection. They will check your water meter and perform an initial pressure test of your plumbing. If they find a leak, they will then pinpoint exactly where the line is leaking.

There are four ways to repair a slab leak:

1. The first option is direct access, which can be quite an ordeal, but depending on the severity fo the leak it may be necessary. In this case, your floor will likely be jack-hammered to create a clearing in the area to repair the leaking line. A good, reputable plumber will do their level best to prevent having to go this route.

2. Epoxy restoration, or pipe coating, is another option. In this case, an in-place pipe coating is applied to the inside of your plumbing. This is typically done when there are a series of small leaks. It helps to eliminate slab leaks while only utilizing two access points. This solution is obviously less invasive and thus, less costly, over the above-mentioned method.

3. Pipe rerouting is the industry standard for repairing slab leaks in homes with older plumbing. With this method, a new water line is run through your walls and ceilings to replace the leaking line. This method can be disruptive, but again, it largely depends on the severity of the situation.

4. Finally, re-piping is an option for those who never want to see a slab leak again. If you’ve already had a leak, a new water system could be the answer.

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