10 Things You Should Know About Whale Watching in San Diego

gray whale breaching

Whale watching is considered a major bucket list item for anyone here in America’s Finest City — and we are right in the middle of the winter and spring Pacific gray whale migration season. From mid-December through April gray whales make their way along the Pacific coast from the feeding grounds in Alaska to the calving lagoons in Baja California and back. It’s the best time of year for whale watching in San Diego, so mark your calendars and don’t miss out on the beauty of the Pacific Ocean’s gentle giants!

Here are 10 things you should know about Whale Watching in San Diego:

  1. San Diego is one of the best cities for whale watching in California — The city’s 70-mile long coastline is directly in the migration path and provides numerous whale watching opportunities along the entire coast.
  2. San Diego whale watching can be done from the shoreline or on a boat — With numerous whale watching locations and offerings, you can watch the gentle giants from afar or up close.
  3. Whale watching is a year-round event in San Diego — Alternating migration seasons among different species allow for non-stop whale watching viewings throughout the year.
  4. It can be enjoyed by locals and visitors alike — Whether you’re a San Diego local or visitor, whale watching is an exciting activity that charms everyone.
  5. Gray whales are one of the most commonly-seen whales along the California coast — It’s no wonder their migration season is considered the primetime of whale watching.
  6. The migration trip from Alaska to Baja California is over 10,000 miles — This is the longest known annual migration distance of any mammal in the world!
  7. The journey takes 2-3 months southbound to the calving lagoons and another 2-3 months northbound back to the feeding grounds.
  8. As the whales return north, whale watchers may see baby calves traveling with females — This is common in San Diego from the end of February through April.
  9. Mothers with their calves tend to travel close to the shore — Coastal whale watchers won’t miss out on the chance of seeing the baby whales!
  10. Gray whales can be seen traveling alone, in pairs or in small groups.

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